Canon 70 200 f4 review


Canon 70 200 f4 review

Official name: Canon EF 70 200mm f/4 USM L

Canon 70 200 f4 L

Canon 70 200 f4 L

Canon 70 200 f4 review

Official name: Canon EF 70 200 f4 L USM


Focal length: 70 – 200mm
Aperture: f4-32
Minimal focus distance: 120 cm
Weight: 705 g
Dimensions: 76×172 mm
Filter size: 67mm

Build quality, ergonomics:

This lens has excellent ergonomics. The lens has a very solid build quality. The two rubberised rings(zoom and manual focus ring) are very nice. It is a joy to use this lens. Compare to the f2.8 versions the lens feels very small, light, and thin. The autofocus is quick, precise and nearly silent. The hood is unwieldy, makes the lens really long.

Price/performance value:

This lens has an excellent value compare to the price. One of the best deal in Canon line-up. This lens is why someone choose Canon system over Nikon or other systems. If you need this focal length and have a budget for this lens, this lens is highly recommended.

Optical quality:

Compare to the bigger brother the Canon Ef 70-200 f2.8L (Not the II version) this lens has essentially equal picture quality, but even bit better in the contrast department. Of course it is not as good as the primes: The 135 f2 L or the 200 f2.8 L, but this lens is much more versatile. On Full frame body the focal length is extremely good, but can expect heavy vignetting at f4 aperture. The lens is sharpest at the long end at f5.6 aperture. The colours are very nice. The difference in optical quality compare to the above mentioned primes are small: the primes has a little better contrast, and sharpness and the primes are better in the corners. The f4 aperture is not as good to create background blur(bokeh) as the f2.8 lenses.

Sample pictures without sharpening or any other post processing except resize and perhaps curve adjustment  click to see in 1200 pix

Canon 70 200 f4 L

Canon 70 200 f4 L Canon 30D 70mm f5.6 ISO 1600 1/2000s

Canon 70 200 f4 - 200mm f5.6 1/400s

Canon 70 200 f4 – 200mm f5.6 1/400s

180mm f4 ISO 800

180mm f4 ISO 800

Usage with teleconverters:

The 1.4 works with this lens autofocus maintained, the 2X converters doesn’t autofocus except I series Pro bodies. Perhaps 1.4 converters works fine, I wouldn’t put a 2x converter on this lens if I want picture quality, the 2x converters softens the pictures at a good amount and at f8 also the viewfinder becomes dark. For fun perhaps good. This lens is better with the Canon I, II series converters rather than the III version. The Kenko newest (blue dot version) 1.4 dgx, and 1.4 Pro dgx converters are also really good but not so toughly built as the Canons, there is some wobbling, and autofocus speed is better with the Kenko, but the Kenko is a little more prone to flare.

What is it good for ?:

On Full frame pretty much for everything, but expect heavy vignetting at f4, on Aps-C more for portrait, wedding, compressed landscapes, child, pet, horse, car, event, sports photography.

Similar lenses:

Canon has 5 70-200 zooms lenses to date: 70-200 f4, 70-200 f4 is, 70 200 f2.8, 70-200 f2.8 L is, 70 200 f2.8 is II. Basically all other options are much more expensive. Sigma and Tamron also has lenses in this zoom range but with f2.8 aperture. Nikon’s new 70 200 f4 are double in terms of price, but perhaps has a little higher quality.

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