Canon 90D release date review specification


Canon 90D release date review specification

Canon 90D release date review specification

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The release date of the new Canon 90D is not near yet.

Canon 90d release date review specification

Is it worth to upgrade ? A Canon 30D still not bad see above picture: Canon 30D with Canon 24 105 L is USM
Canon 80D improvement

Seems the Canon 80d has a better sensor, then the earlier Aps-C models. It is a good news. The sensor is even better than the one in the Canon 7d Mk II. It has a 13,2 EV dynamic range unprecedented in any Canon camera, 1135 high iso best for an Aps-C sensor camera up to date, and a color depth of 23,6 bits, the best in Canon world. The question is if the new Canon 90d inherit the same sensor or it will be even better ?

The target of the innovation

It is interesting what is the target of the innovation. New features, bells and whistles or image quality. Seems the earlier are better fit in the marketing scheme. I admit it is much more expensive to invent new technologies, change existing schemes, and routines, and makes real improvement in terms of sensor technology. Digital sensors compare to modern high quality lenses are still the narrow section or blocking point for achieving the best possible image quality. Especially dynamic range, colour depth, contrast and noise are the areas where lots of improvement possible, compare to what we see with our eyes. Of course our eyes are quite flexible and wonderfully accomodate to different light situations, but perhaps the camera of the future can also make that automatically. Ok let’s see Canon wants everybody to have a Full frame camera, but many doesn’t have a budget for it. Some places perhaps can have a house from the price of the FF camera, a car perhaps everywhere.

Canon 90D specification guess

Sensor size: 22,5x15mm, Aps-C
Resolution: 24 Mpixel
Picture size: 6000×4000
Frame rate: 10 fps
Weight: 760g
Video format: 4k
LCD: 1040k dots
LCD type: fully articulated
Mount: EF, EF-S
Dynamic range: 13 EV
Colour depth: 22 bits
High iso: 1000
Card slots: Dual
Touch screen:yes
Live view:yes
Gps: yes
Viewfinder: pentaprism
Shutter speed: 1/8000s-30s
Autofocus system: Phase detection
Focus points:19
Cross type points:19
Built in flash: yes
External connection: yes
Light sensitivity:100-204 800
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Compare to Nikon

The area where Canon can grow compare to Nikon is Dynamic range and High iso noise. Better sensor what most Canon shooter hopes.

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