Nikon D7500 release date review specs rumor

Nikon D7500 release date

There is no Nikon D7500 yet, but expected to come in the future. We will see what news and rumors we can hear about the new camera.

Nikon D7500 specs

There is no information about the new Nikon d7500 specification yet.

Nikon D7500 specs guess

What is the most likely that the new Nikon d7500 will inherit the 24 megapixel Dx sensor in some more developed form. The Nikon D5500 got a touchscreen which is also possible here as well.

Otherwise something new must appear in the new camera, the Nikon D7000 the Nikon D7100, the Nikon D7200 are quite similar in many ways.

Other possible area is video recording, where the autofocus system can be better, which is usually not strong in Dslr cameras.

A faster more capable Wifi is also an option.

Sensor format: Dx

Sensor size: 23.6 x 15.6mm

LCD: No here is the thing similar range Canons all have flip out LCD, which is quite useful as I see. Nikons until now has a fixed screen. Touchscreen is only in the Nikon D5500, and many Canons, mostly entry level cameras.

Autofocus system: Until now almost all Nikon cameras has the 51/15 points af system.

Camera body construction: magnesium alloy body is the most likely for this camera, as with the predecessors.

Nikon D7500 price

There is no information about the new Nikon d7500 price yet.

Nikon D7500 availability

There is no information about the new Nikon d7500 availability yet.

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