Bukovnisko jezero lake Bakonaki tó Slovenia

Bukovnisko jezero lake Bakonaki tó Slovenia

Bukovinsko jezero lake Bakonaki tó
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Bukovnisko jezero lake Bakonaki tó Slovenia

This beautiful lake is located in North part of Slovenia area close to the Hungarian border. The lake is created by damming the Spring. Boating and bathing is not allowed in the lake, but fishing from the shore is allowed. Orseg area in Hungary is close to here. The lake’s area is 7 hectare. The complicated title is because there is a Slovenian and Hungarian name of the same settlement. This area belonged to Hungary until 1920 (Treaty of Trianon where Hungary’s 2/3 area have kept them separated ). The village is mostly inhabited by Hungarians.
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We accessed the area through a parking. Near there there is a buffet and some nicely well kept grass area. First we have our icescreams in the buffet and after went to explore the park and the lake. The park in reality is a forest.
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Energy park

The forested area around the lake called energy park. First time I heard this name I thought about windmills or waterpower station or something like that. This is not that but naturopaths found 26 healing energy points in this area.
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The energy park is a nice forest area with a spring or more springs, I don’t know we crossed is the same spring or several springs, and some places there are tables which describes that a give area how to help your healing. Perhaps this is a little complicated so I give an example. For example we arrive to a bank next to the forest where we could read if you sit on this bank for half an hour this heals your kidney. There are several stations with tables like this.

Things to do and see in the neighborhood

The Orchid park is also worth to look at the same settlement. You can read about here. The Orseg area in Hungary also very interesting but for this some more time is required. Orseg is famous about well preserved lifestyle of the past, near to the nature. 55% of the area covered with forests with several beautiful lakes. The area belongs to the Orseg national park.

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