Here I collect all kinds of fun things which I cannot pack into any other categories. Pictures, humor, my friend Endre Frady Hungarian fun lyrics, trees, travel informations, proverbs, perhaps many other things in the future.

Perhaps fun is different for anybody. The links can be found in the right sidebar, and in the page as well in the future.

Greece Sithonia

 fun greece sithonia sarti Greece is a fantastic place for photography. There are many beautiful things to see and enjoy, nice hills and sea, nice trees and architecture, historical sites, delicious foods.

I was in Greece several times, I enjoyed all this times very much. This article is about Sithonia peninsula, at the Northeast part of Greece, not far from Thesszaloniki.

The most popular sites are Athens, and the monks on the hill called Meteoras, all tours try to catch these places. Islands are also very popular like Santorini, Crete, Zakynthos, Mykonos, Rodes, Cephalonia, Corfu, Naxos, Rodosz, Elephanisos and others.

Greece Sithonia Sarti

I live in Budapest, Hungary. I don’t travel too much outside of Hungary. I put together two articles about the local Hungarian attractions, if you plan to visit here. There are lot to see and you can get a good overview what you can see here. There are some other destinations, where I visited, I have some pictures about that ones. Perhaps new ones will come in the future.

10 things to see in Budapest

 fun 10 things to see in BudapestBudapest is the 25th most popular location in the whole World ! This means 4 million tourist every year. There is a lot to see here, check it in the article. Several Unesco World Heritage sites, caves, river, islands, 90 museums, roman era ruins, Castle where kings married, the first continental metro line in Europe, the third biggest Parliament building, Ultramodern concert hall, lots of thermal water spas, House of Terror.

10 things to see in Hungary

top 10 places to visit in Hungary
What are the main attractions in Hungary? Which places the most interesting to visit ? Check it in the article. Budapest, Lake Balaton, Spa cities, Northern hills, Transdanubian hills, Hortobagy plains, Lake Tisza, Aggtelek cave, Pannonhalma archabbey, Heviz hot water lake, Miskolctapolca cave bath, to name a few destinations.
10 things to see in Hungary
where to go in Hungary

Orchid park Slovenia

Orchid park Slovenia Dobronak Dobrovnik 3There is an interesting Orchid park in Slovenia in the Prekmurje region not far from the Hungarian border.

They sell 3 million Orchids per year. There is a tropical garden as well apart from the 160 different kinds of Orchids.

read more about the Orchid park here

Lako Bukovinsko Slovenia

Bukovinsko jezero lake Bakonaki tó 6The Lake Bukovinsko is a 7 hectare lake in North part of Slovenia area, near Hungary. This is a beautiful lake surrounded by a forest.

There is an energy park as well, which means according to some people this place has a unique energy for healing people.

read more about the Lake here

Kiskunsag Hungary

Kiskunsag is a huge area between Hungary’s two biggest rivers, the Danube and the Tisza. The Kiskunsag area is mostly a sandy area, with lots of natural values, abandoned places, horse riding base, and several thermal baths. Of course for me mostly the wildlife is interesting

Eisenstadt Austria

fun Esterhazy castle Eisenstadt
There is an interesting Esterhazy Castle in Austria, not far from the Hungarian border. There is an other in Fertod Hungary

Eszterhazy Castle Eisenstadt

Orseg Hungary

Orseg is an interesting place near the Austrian and Slovenian border. The area is 55% covered with forests. Mainly small villages can be found here with friendly people, and traditional village lifestyle. Very popular area in Hungary. Orseg Hungary

Palvolgyi cave budapest

The Palvolgyi cave one of the longest in Budapest. The usual paved visit area is 400m long. In the cave the temperature is around 10 degree Celsius, even in hot summers, so some kind of warm clothes is needed.

The very best Chuck Norris Jokes

One of my favorite, Chuck Norris jokes. Just the very best ones. Chuck Norris makes onions cry. Chuck Norris’ tears can cure cancer. Problem is, Chuck Norris never cries. See more Chuck Norris jokes in the article. The very best Chuck Norris jokes

Frady Endre Hungarian Fun lyrics / Frady Endre humoros írásai és rajzai

Frady Endre Hungarian fun lyrics. It is very interesting..if you like poems, with all kinds of rhymes, horror.. just sometimes..


Different pictures about cars, trees, macro, wildlife. All kinds of pictures

Interesting cars

Start to collect interesting cars. Started with the Trabant.

Plant a tree

One of the biggest fun is to plant a tree, especially if you like birds. Which trees attract birds the most? Perhaps this is the question if you like to attract birds in your garden.

Interesting proverbs

Recently spend some time with proverbs.

Interesting youtube videos


There are more channels with the variation of
this name interesting Hendrix style rhythm guitar


– here your can learn finderstyle
the best on youtube, you learn songs, from
the beginning to the end.


IPhone 6 the new gadget. Looks really really cool I think. The camera is very good in Iphones, according to my perception, compare to the rivals.

Gopro Hero 4

this also very cool I think. Now can record 4K video (the higher editions), very good photo capabilities, night shots, different possible angles, a really good value gadget if you like action videos.

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