Esterhazy castle Eisenstadt


Esterhazy castle Eisenstadt

Esterhazy castle Eisenstadt

If I remember well this is a Haydn hall in the Esterhazy castle in Eisenstadt. This is the most beautiful room in the Castle. The Castle was built in Baroque style, now it is a museum. Audio guide is available in multiple languages. Around the Castle there is a big park with a smaller lake.

Eisenstadt (formerly Kismarton) is not a big city, the main attraction is the Castle there. Some hills starts to appear this place which is not so common for a Hungarian eye.

There is a very nice Esterhazy Castle in Fertod in Hungary as well. The Esterhazy family is an old Hungarian prince and count family. In the Eszterhazy family there was a prime minister, a minister in the first government of Hungary in the Hungarian Revolution in 1848, and the two living member of the family are also famous, one was a footballer in the National team of Hungary, the other is a famous writer.

Eszterhazy Marton the football player is not just an ordinary player, he scored the winning goal against Holland with Ruud Gullit and Marco Van Basten, and he scored a goal against brazil as well.

Eszterhazy Péter the writer is the grandson of the Prime Minister Esterhazy Moric. He graduated as a mathematician, later started to write. The family is mentioned as early as 1186 in a document. His books were translated to 20 languages.

The family has many Castles in today’s Hungarian, Austrian and Slovakian areas. All Castles was designed and built by the best architects and contractors of that time.

In Hungary there are other Castles built by the Eszterhazy’s in Szigliget, Tata, Sopron, Pápa, Kapuvár, Csesznek, Csákvár, Bakonyoszlop, Alsólendva. All around the country in the finest places, including the Bakony hills, next to Lake Balaton, next to the Tata lake.

In today’s Austrian area there was Castles in Vien, Salzburg, Schwarzenbach, Donnerschkirchen.

We had a short trip to Eisenstadt and check the Castle and the beautiful garden. The finest room is the one at the top of the page. Audio guide is available at the cashier for guiding.

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