Interesting cars


Interesting cars

Interesting cars

I like oldish cars and curiosities, try to collect what I see just to have fun. People create lots of interesting stuff. Try to collect not the mainstream ones, the ones that surprising, rare, interesting in some point of view.

Interesting cars

Interesting cars

I start with some cars from the communist era in Hungary.


Trabant is an interesting car made of paper. Not all parts was made from paper, but some parts which is usually metal sheet in other cars was made from some kind of paper like material. It was quite common in the 1980’s in Eastern European countries. It has approximately 600 cm2 two stroke petrol engine. The Highest available speed is around 120 km/h. There was an another version as well with a Wolkswagen Polo 4 stroke engine, which was little dangerous in this paper like box. With the 4 stroke engine the Trabant almost flied with 150 km/h in sloping highways, and has a feeling that you need to use the break in order to save your life. The Trabant made in Zwickau is still very popular, many people put strong engines in it, with strengthening the box as well to trick the others on the roads, who thought it is easy to overtake them. The Trabant is designed for 4 persons, but there were competitions at that time how many people can be in the Trabant. The winner was like 20 or little more people in a single Trabant which seems nearly impossible. The Trabant was selled as much as three different colors if I remember well. White, light blue and some brownish color. If someone wants a Trabant must pay the half of the price, after waited several years, and pay the second half when the car arrived. Many jokes was about this procedure. Some people although they own a Trabant, they pay the half of the second one in advance to have the car in time in the future. Cars like Mercedes or BMW were extremely rare before 1990, the top of the line car, the dream of dreams was a some kinds of Sports Skoda. Doesn’t think today’s Skoda, some box like Skoda with a 1.3 liter engine, with a max speed of 150km/hour. But this was a little different than the usual Lada, Trabant, Wartburg cars. The Lada was a higher end car at that time, most of them was selled with a 1.2 or 1.3l engine. The ones was selled with a 1.5 or 1.6l engine, was premium ones, which were much rare, than the smaller engined ones. The Lada has a 4 stroke engine, no servo, east 10l of petrol/100km and happily goes everywhere, without any problem dirt roads included. It is funny to see a film from the 80’s almost every car in the film is a Lada.


Maruti suzuki

This is a Maruti suzuki a little bit later. It has an approximately 800cm3 4stroke engine. This is not from paper it has been made from metal sheets. An interesting car, small and has a box feeling not really flexible. Very reliable though. Some of them is possible to drive more than twenty year without any problem.



Oops ! What is this ? This is an interesting vehicle made out of a Polski Fiat. This was an interesting little car. Such vehicles can be found in the Budapest inner city nowadays. Manpower taxi, or womanpower taxi, this is a little weaker as I saw in practice.


The car below is a Golden Wolkswagen Beetle. This is the older version, now they have a complete new version of this car as well.

interesting cars

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