Lake Balaton


Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton


Lake Balaton is the most popular tourist target of Hungary in summer. The Lake is a huge shallow lake, with an average depth of 3m. The area of the Lake is almost 600 km2. The length of the Lake is 77km, the width is between 1.3 and 14 km. The shore is mostly covered with weekend houses.
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Balaton views

The best views can be seen from the North shore. Tihany and Szigliget are perhaps the most picturesque places. At the North shore several vulcanic hills can be found, the South shore is more plain.

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Biggest cities

The biggest cities are Siofok, Keszthely and Balatonfured. Not really big cities though Siofok is the biggest with approximately 24 000 inhabitants.
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Lake Balaton history

The Lake is a fairly old. In ancient times see was under the whole area of Hungary. When they dig under the Lake 20m thick layer shows that it was a sea here.

Lake Balaton map

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Spas around Lake Balaton

Almost all area of Hungary are covered with Spas. There are some spas around Lake Balaton as well: Zalakaros, Heviz and Kehidakustany are not far from Lake Balaton. Igal and Tamasi is also not far.
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Lake Balaton restaurants

Lots of nice restaurants can be found around the Lake. According to Hungarians the best is Kistücsök (small grashopper) at Balatonszemes at the South shore.
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Lake Balaton events

Lots of events organised here, some of the most popular
-Blue ribbon regatta
-Anna ball
-Bmy lake
-Swimming through the Lake
-Harley Davidson festival
-lots of Gastronomical and wine festivals
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Lake Balaton popular targets

Most popular targets are the following: Siofok, Heviz, Keszthely, Tihany, Fonyod, Zamardi. See more about the settlements here

Lake Balaton wildlife

The Lake has an abundant wildlife. Lots of waterbirds can be found around the lake. Several mammals such as otters and deers are also occur, snakes and frogs as well. It is forbidden to use petrol driven machines, it helps to keep the nature alive. The best time for watching photographing wildlife is early summer and fall though. But even in main season (July, August) several birds can be seen even among the people on the beach.
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What to do and what to see around Lake Balaton

Lots of things can do and see around the Lake. Let’s see: Heviz hot water lake, Sumeg and Szigliget castle, Tapolca cave lake, some beautiful fishing lakes, Tihany monastery and vulcanic structures, Tihany forest next to the shore. Badacsony wine cellars on the vulcanic hill, Balatonederics africa museum, Festetics Castle at Keszthely. Some watermill at Orvenyes and Zalaszanto. Kis Balaton nature reserve.
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