Map of Hungary, Hungary on map

Map of Hungary, Hungary on map



Most people in Hungary uses google maps, like everywhere else I guess. Most of the places street view is also working, but some places not. Most asphalt covered road has been photographed by Google and the service can be used.
If you search for a Maps of Hungary, find below some links:

Maps: navigable google map navigable car map

Route planner: is a special Hungarian route planner, here we can enter where we intend to travel in Hungary from where and it shows the road on a map and shows where to turn right or left.

Viamichelin also usable in Hungary.

Budapest route planners: Budapest public traffic route planner in English Budapest public traffic route planner in German

Street finder in Budapest and several other Hungarian cities:

Highways in Hungary

All highways currently (2014) goes across Budapest, the country’s capital. In the Southern part of Budapest the M0 highway ring goes around the city. The M1 goes from Austria to Budapest in the Northwest part of the country, the M3 goes to Northeast direction from Budapest. The M5 goes from Budapest to Szeged in Southeast direction, the M6 goes to Pecs in South direction from Budapest. The M7 goes from Budapest to Lake Balaton in Soutwest direction.

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