800mm f5,6


800mm f5,6

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Real fun lenses apart from the price tag, good for every kind of telephoto photography. Bird photography, wildlife photography, sports photography, portraits, building from a distance, see, etc. This kind of focal length perhaps not very hand-holdable. A good tripod makes the thing more easy.
The following lenses available in this “crazy long” focal length (field of view on Aps-C camera 28cm from 10m, FF camera 45 cm from 10m):

Canon 800 f5,6 is usm

800mm f5,6

Weight: 4,5kg
Minimum focusing distance:600 cm
Price: 13 200 Dollars

Seems the new Canon 600mm f/4 is II is better even with the converter than the 800mm f5.6. Perhaps the 800mm Mk II is coming soon.

Nikon 800 f5,6 VR

800mm f5.6

Nikon new 800m lens finally with a Flourite ! element. Canon uses flourite very often even in lower end lenses.
Weight: 4,59kg
Price: 17 900 Dollars

Sigma 800 f5,6 ex dg apo hsm

Weight: 4,74kg
Dimensions:15.75 x 52.07 cm
Minimum focusing distance:700 cm
Price: 6600 Dollars

Sigma 300-800 f5,6 ex dg hsm

Weight: 5,87kg
Dimensions:156.5×541.5 mm
Minimum focusing distance:600cm
Price: 8 000 Dollars

Canon FD 800/5.6

all manual focus lens cannot used without optical connector(magnifying glass not preferred) on Eos Cameras perhaps can use on Nikon cameras.
Weight:4.25 kg (7 elements in 6 groups)

Canon FD 600/4.5

Weight:3.75 kg (6 elements in 5 groups)

Canon FD 500/4.5
Nikon 800 f5,6 Ais

Weight: 5.45 kg

Other exotic lenses with big reach:

There are some other lenses with huge focal length see below.

Nikon 1200-1700mm f5,6 manual focus

A very interesting lens.

Canon 1200mm f5,6 L USM

This lens is not in stock, Canon only produce it by order. Quite interesting, but very expensive. For this the tripod is a must, even for smaller lenses.

Weight: 16,5 kg
Dimensions: 228*836 mm
Minimal focusing distance: 14 m
Price: 90 000 -120 000 USD

800mm f8 mirror lenses
Mirror lenses are not like normal lenses, they have a design like telescopes, the bokeh can be nervous, on the other hand these lenses are usually compact.
From 200 Dollars

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