Feb 112016
Camera market share in 2016

camera market share 2016
Which manufacturer sells the most cameras ? You can check it here. The datas from Japan from the website BCNrankings.jp covering approximately 2/3rd of the retail in Japan. So it is only the situation in Japan.

Camera market share 2016 in Japan
Dslr cameras Mirrorless cameras
Canon 56.2 % Olympus 34.5 %
Nikon 36.7 % Sony 24.8 %
Ricoh (Pentax) 6.7 % Canon 13.6 %

Interesting the Olympus sells more mirrorless cameras than Sony in Japan, even more interesting that the earlier year 2015 was an other way. Other interesting thing the Canon who only has 3 mirrorless cameras to date came to the third position.

Interchangeable lens Cameras with fixed lens
Canon 24.1 % Canon 30.5 %
Nikon 15.2 % Nikon 21 %
Sigma 13.5 % Casio 14.8 %

Here the interesting thing is how close Sigma to Nikon regarding lens selling. The difference is only 1.7% between the two manufacturer. Casio is also a surprise for me how good is their selling in Japan regarding cameras with fixed lenses.

Camera market share 2015 in Japan
Dslr cameras Mirrorless cameras
Canon 54.7 % Sony 34.3 %
Nikon 39.1 % Olympus 22.3 %
Ricoh (Pentax) 4.5 % Panasonic 11.9 %

Interchangeable lens Cameras with fixed lens
Canon 21.2 % Canon 28.7 %
Nikon 15.2 % Nikon 15.3 %
Sigma 13.3 % Casio 15.2 %

The most interesting question is not covered here, how the Dslr fare against mirrorless ? There were some info that in Japan they sell more mirrorless than Dslr but in the world I think is the other way around. The market share for mirrorless is around 45% in Japan, but most interesting markets like in the US it is only around 5-10%. The trends is increasing sell of Mirrorless cameras. Of course it won’t tell the whole story as most Dslr owners doesn’t upgrade every year, and many Dslr owner own a mirrorless as well.

There is one more category like video cameras, here Panasonic leads the sales in Japan before Sony.