May 192015
Canon 1dx II

Canon 1D X II
There are several rumors about the new upcoming Canon 1D X II camera. The new camera told to have a high dynamic range supplied by Canon’s unique Dual pixel system. The rumors went as far as stating that the camera will have the widest dynamic range camera ever produced.

Today Nikon and Sony has significant advantage over Canon in this particular area. The dynamic range is most important in landscape photography, but very useful in any kind of photography where there is huge difference in light conditions on the picture, for example night or wildlife photography as well.

Looks interesting. Perhaps will be in lower end cameras as well in the future, which would be very nice.

Magic lantern managed to broaden the Dynamic range of several cameras by 3 EV using Dual pixel technology, so in reality this process is a real possibility. This is a huge improvement in terms of photo quality, not like to have a 1/2 stop better high iso / low light performance.

This is like a found money for Canon, I guess, a newer camera even at higher price. The entry level Nikons will be still better than entry level Canons in the future I guess.

There are also rumors about the Canon 5d IV camera, and a new E-TTL III flash system as well. What it would mean it is not sure, if old flashes compatible with new cameras or new flashes will not be compatible with older cameras, which is more likely. If the rumor is true perhaps better to wait for the new flashes. No information about the date of announcement yet, though.

The new Canon 5d IV may be will announced late in this year, as the testing procedure of the prototype has started with the selected photographers. No information yet about the pixel count, new functions, ISO range and other parameters yet.

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