Aug 282016
Sunset from the water

Sunset from the water
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How to make such a picture ? Go into the water before sunset and try to capture the line where the sun reflect on the water from a low perspective of several inches / centimeters. You can make it easier from a shallow lake than a deep one, especially if the water is cold.

You can play with many things like you hold the camera in normal or portrait position, you can choose what you want in your composition, the angle between the camera and the lens, the focusing distance, the depth of field, if you use longer focal lengths you can blur the background more.

You can also play with exposure, to make the pics darker or lighter. My Nikon camera calculate the light as the image is darker, but with exposure compensation it is easy to make it lighter, this way the people in the background will be more visible.

You can decide as well you want a full sun, half sun or exclude the sun from the frame.

You can also play the angle how to hold the camera, downwards, upwards or in between.

Here in this shot I used wide angle and small aperture for more depth of field and try to focus relatively closely.
After you can crop the pics anywhere you want.

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