Apr 172013
Collared flycatcher

Ficedula albicollis örvös légykapó

Collared flycatcher ficedula albicollis

Collared flycatcher ficedula albicollis

The collared flycatcher is a smaller passerine bird. It can be found in Southwest Asia and Central and Southeast Europe. The size of the bird is 12-13cm with a wingspan of 22-25cm. The weight of the bird is app. 12-16 gramms. The semicollared flycatcher is similar in many ways to the collared flycatcher in look, but the white stripe not goes around the bird’s neck. The brownish females look very similarly but little more white can be found on the wing of the collared flycatcher.

During migration sometimes can be seen in Budapest as well. The bird stays in Hungary between April and October. They send the winter in Africa.

The female is more brownish (the male is on the above picture). This is a migrating bird, in Hungary mostly breed in forests of the middle height (600-1000m) mountains.

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