Nikon d7000 specs


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Nikon d7000 specs

Nikon d7000 specs


Nikon d7000 specs

The Nikon D7000 in 2013 after the releasing of the new Nikon d7100 is still a very good, capable camera. Its high iso performance is one of the best in the entire Aps-C camera lineup. Thanks to the even better Nikon d7100 the price of the d7000 is lower, which makes this camera even a better bargain.
The difference between the two is not huge: better autofocus system for the Nikon D7100, the new 24 Mpix sensor, which has a lower diffraction limit, this makes the D7000 perhaps a better landscape camera, than the small pixeled d7100. If the price is very important, perhaps the Nikon d5100 is even a better bargain, essentially with the same sensor than the D7000, at approximately half price.

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Nikon d7000 main parameters

Photo parameters

Resolution:16 Megapixel
Picture size: 4928*3262 Pixel, other sizes see below
ISO range:100-25600
Dynamic range:13,9 EV (in NEF format)
Colour depth: 23.5 bits
Focus points/crosstype:39/9
Shutter speed:1/8000-30s
Built in flash: yes
Live view: yes
Touch screen:No
Flipout screen:No
Lens focus motor: yes (beginner models lack this feauture)
Compatibility, metering with manual focus Nikkors: yes
Continuous shooting:6fps

Physical parameters

Sensor format:Aps-C
Sensor size:23,5*15,6mm
Camera Size:132 x 103 x 77 mm
LCD:920k dots
Viewfinder size/coverage:0,62/100%
Storage slots:2
Card format: Sd, sdhc, sdxc
Battery life: 1050 shots

Video parameters

Video autofocus: there is an autofocus, but not really good solution for movie shooting, Panasonic, or Canon are better for video, even Canon 70d not the best
Video format:1920×1080/24 / 1280×720 /25/24 640×424/25
External mic jack: yes

Nikon d7000 controls

Two dials: the one is on the camera back is the main dial, the other under the shutter release button is the sub-command dial

Nikon d7000 basic functions: how to adjust iso ?

Push iso button at left side of the LCD, and turn main dial under the thumb.

Nikon d7000 basic functions: how to change white balance?

Push wb button at the left side of the LCD panel after turn main dial.

Nikon d7000 basic functions: How to adjust exposure compensation?

If we want to make pictures lighter or darker, than the camera automatically adjust, we press the button at the top of the right side of the camera, little behind the shutter release button and then adjust with the main dial the correction with maximum +-5 EV.+Compensation makes pictures lighter, – darker.

Nikon d7000 basic functions: How to see shooting parameters after shooting the photo?

I need some time to figure out this. Press the review button at the top left corner of the back of the camera, after pressing upwards several times the round controller at the right side of the back of the camera, we can see histograms, and different picture parameters.

How to see switch between live view and viewfinder ?

To switch to live view we turn the lever with a red dot at the back of the camera, right side of the Lcd panel. To switch back turn the lever at opposite direction.

Nikon d7000 metering modes

-Center-weighted area

Nikon d7000 menus

-Custom settings
-My menu (here we can choose items from any item of the menus)or recent settings, U1 and U2 modes to save user defined settings, these can be recalled

Nikon d7000 scene modes

Portrait, Landscape, Child, Sports, Close-up, Night portrait, Night landscape, Party/Indoor, Beach/Snow, Sunset, Dusk/Dawn, Pet portrait, Candlelight, Blossom, Autumn colours, Food, High key, Low key

Nikon d7000 specs-Nikon d7000 functions:

-Distortion correction
-AF fine tune
-Chromatic aberration correction for jpg-s
-Long time exposures (in M mode only)
-U1 and U2 user defined settings
-Auto iso sensitivity control
-Interval timer photo – we can set start time and intervals between photos
-Face detection in Live view
-In camera movie editing such as trimming
-In camera photo editing such as cropping, adjusting sharpness and curves, trimming, etc
-Copy images from one memory card to another
-High iso noise reduction off, low, normal, high settings
-Red eye correction
-image overlay
-In camera Nef(Raw) processing
-Virtual horizont
-Perspective control
-Fisheye effect
-Side by side comparison
Creative filters

Nikon d7000 other parameters

Picture formats:6000*4000, 4496*3000, 2992*2000
Dust removal system:yes
Battery / Batteries: EN-EL15 Lithium-ion Battery
Silent shutter option, (not 100% silent, two small clicks)
Interval timer shots we can specify how many shots we make which intervals
Correct lens distortion

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