Nikon d7000 video

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Nikon d7000 video

Nikon d7000 video

nikon d7000 video


If you haven’t bought the Nikon d7000 yet, and your first priority to shoot video perhaps a good idea to think about the Nikon d5100, and Nikon d5200 as well, because this cameras has a flipout screen which comes handy in video shooting. Additionally the Nikon d5200 has a frame rate of 60 which is very useful filming action, and has additional video functions. Canon cameras are also perhaps better for video because of their new dual pixel autofocus system (at the moment only in 70d) and the ability to change aperture during filming.
What these beginner Nikon cameras don’t have a compatibility with older Nikkor lenses(metering, autofocus), and professional photo controls which the Nikon d7000 has.

Changing aperture during filming without stopping the film

The Nikon d7000 don’t let change the aperture during filming, but if we use manual focus Nikon lenses with aperture ring, we can change aperture during filming with a more elegant, and handy way. ISO settings and shutter speed can be changed this way we can make some changes in certain situations.

Video mode parameters on the Nikon d7000

The following formats can be choosed from the menu:
1920*1080/24 fps high quality and normal
1280*720/25,24 fps high quality and normal
640*424/25 fps high quality and normal

Nikon d7000 sample video

Nikon d7000 video mode settings in the menu

The shooting menu which ikon is like a camera, contains the following elements:
1. Picture size and formats see above
2. Microphone settings low, medium, and high sensitivity and mic off if we use external microphone
3. Destination – to which sd card to save the movies
4. Manual movie settings on-off

Exposure compensation

Exposure compensation can be set for video as for photos +-5 EV.

Where to connect the external microphone ?

At the left side of the camera there are two covered holes, the below one where we connect the external microphone. There is a small issue with it, some situation the mic can come out, because the socket is positioned too much at the side of the area. This way perhaps in crucial cases additional fixing is necessary.

How to start recording ?

At the back of the camera, there is a button with red dot at the upper corner of the right side of the LCD panel. First needs to turn the lever to enter live view mode, than press the red dotted button to start

If we want to use manual mode first needs to activate the manual mode from the shooting menu, (see above).

What can we adjust during filming ?

-We can change iso buy pressing the iso button at the left of the camera and at the same time turn the back dial the with the thumb,

-set exposure compensation by pressing the compensation button at the top of the camera near the shutter release button and turn the same dial with the thumb

-set white balance with pressing the wb button at the left side of the LCD and turn the same dial.

– by pressing info button we can set the autofocus with the controller at the right side of the back of the camera

-by pressing the info button more times we can have a grid or horizontal position checker

We see iso speed, shutter speed during filming on the LCD panel.

Maximum length of the Nikon d7000 video clips

Maximum movie length is 20 minutes as I understand for overheating reasons. Somewhere the length is restricted to 5 minutes, but it can be cured with a software upgrade. I think 20 minutes is long enough for almost anything.

Exif data – Nikon d7000 video

I haven’t find any ways to check image parameter for example ISO speeds, shutter speed, aperture, focal length after recording from the video file. If you don’t made a note and it is important you can only guess. If it is important for you better to take notes on parameters on each clip while recording.

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