Sigma 24-105 review


Sigma 24-105

sigma 24-105
sigma 24-105 2
The 82mm front element

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Sigma 24-105 f4 DG OS HSM A review
Official name Sigma 24-105

The official name is Sigma 24-105mm f/4 DG OS HSM Art

24-105mm is a usual Full frame coverage from respectable wide angle to mild telephoto, on Dx little narrow, but the long end is a good portrait/telephoto range
DG – means digital
OS – optical stabilizer
f/4 – it is a brightness value f/4 is not too fast but not too dark either, for inside usage f/2.8 is preferred, but with an external flash no problem with f/4 either
A – Art lens, this is newest Sigma designation, usually this lenses has very good value

Build quality – Sigma 24-105 review

The build quality of the new lens is excellent. The lens looks very durable, has a quality look and feel. The buttons are not recessed though but little coming out of the lens barell. The lens looks much better build than almost any lens available today. The lens has a duo-cam design which means the lens physical length is longer at longer focal lengths. The lens has a distance scale in feet and meters as well.

Optical quality – Sigma 24-105 review

The Sigma 24-105 is a midrange zoom lens. Here some kind of compromise need to make. This lens is not as sharp as the newest 18-35 or 35 1.4 Art lenses, but still quite good. I would even say very sharp. The pictures the lens makes has nice colours, and contrast. The lens is usable at f/4 wide open at both ends of the zoom range according to my opinion. If we stopping down it will be more sharp. Vignetting characteristics as usual for Full frame lenses 2EV at wide angle setting, and quite pronounced at the long end as well. Distortion is quite pronounced on Full frame cameras at the wide end it is around 3.5-4% which changes to pincushion distortion at the long end app 1.5%. It seems like a trend that lenses with more distortion can produce higher resolution figures. This distortion characteristics are usual at wide range zoom lenses. Around 30mm setting the distortion is very small. CA is approximately 1.5 pixel width at wide end and smaller at longer focal lengths, which I consider very good for such a wide focal length range lens.

Optical quality compared to Nikon – Sigma 24-105 review

If I compare the optical quality to Nikon lenses, like colours, how the picture looks the Sigma is different. Usually Nikkor lenses are quite similar to each other, so Canons, but the Sigma is different, like Tamron which is also different.
This is not necessary a positive or negative statement, just an observation. If you like it or not is a personal preference.

sigma 24-105 1
Sigma 24-105 OS HSM 48mm f/10 1/60s Nikon d7000 no post processing as it comes out of the camera click to see 1200 pix
sigma 24-105 3
Sigma 24-105 OS HSM 24mm f/5.6 iso 400 1/4000s Nikon d7000 no post processing as it comes out of the camera click to see 1200 pix
sigma 24-105 4
Sigma 24-105 OS HSM 38mm f/4 iso 400 1/3200s Nikon d7000 no post processing as it comes out of the camera
sigma 24-105 6
Sigma 24-105mm OS HSM at 105mm f/4 ISO400 1/640s Nikon d7000 camera


sigma 24-105 5
Sigma 24-105 OS HSM at 105mm f/4 ISO 400

Specifications – Sigma 24-105 review
Focal length range: 24-105mm
Optical formula: 19 lens elements in 14
Brightness: f/4
Aperture blades: f/4-22
Minimum focusing distance: 0.45m (1.2′)
Weight: 885g ( 31.36 o.z)
Dimensions: App. 89 x 109mm (3.5×4.29″)
Aperture diaphragm blades: 9 circular
Magnification: 1: 4.6
Full time manual focus override: yes
Filter thread: 82mm (non-rotating)
Focus motor: ultrasonic
Water dust protection: No
Distance scale: yes
Price: 900 dollar/700 Eur
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Stabilizer – Sigma 24-105 review

The stabilizer seems quite effective. At 1/60s the above picture is remarkably sharp. The stabilizer helps in still subjects, but not for moving subjects.

Switches – Sigma 24-105 review

There are two switches, the manual focus switch and the stabilizer on-off switch. The stabilizer has one mode.

Compare to/alternatives – Sigma 24-105 review

I haven’t checked the Nikon alternatives, yet only the Canon 24-105 f/4. Optically the Sigma is on par with the Canon perhaps little better than the Canon. The autofocus of the Canon is better, but not by much. The autofocus is quite quick and silent on the Sigma as well. The Sigma is significantly bigger and heavier, not problem for me, but if you small this factor also needs to consider, especially if you shoot longer perids with the lens, attached to a heavier Full frame body. In Nikon land the Nikkor 24-120mm f/4 perhaps the main alternative. Optically the Sigma seems better (sharper) especially so at the long end.

Pros – Sigma 24-105 review

-excellent build quality
-very good image quality
-effective stabilizer
-quick and silent USM drive
-Wider range and versatility on Fx cameras

Cons – Sigma 24-105 review

-82mm filters can be expensive
-compatibility with future camera bodies can be problematic, if Nikon doesn’t like Sigma success
-little heavy
-strong vignetting despite the 82mm front element

Bottom line/Verdict – Sigma 24-105 review

I start with the negatives not connected to this lens, but the idea of 24-105mm f/4 zooms. I like better f/2.8 or brighter lenses especially at the long end for portraits.The 24-70mm f/2.8 lenses are usually produce better bokeh and usually generally better image quality as well. If you carry a huge lens at least it needs to be bright. Let’s start with the positives: if you ok with f/4, the 24-105mm is quite versatile focal length to work with. With a good Full frame Dslr perhaps the f/4 max aperture is ok as well.

Life is Full of compromises. Mid range zooms are usually not like shorter range zooms and prime lenses. The new Sigma 24-105 is a very good lens, but not so good, as some new Sigma models like the 18-35 and 35mm f/1.4 that I would run to buy one. The build quality seems very good, but duo-cam design is not my favorite on such an expensive lens. Compare to the alternatives the Sigma seems better optically. So if you search for a very good mid range zoom for Fx camera the Sigma is definitely worth a look. On Dx camera the lens also can work, but the 24mm wide end is little narrow. The 105mm is better though on Dx for portraits for example. With it’s weight the new Sigma is more leaned for pro shooters though.


Seems Sigma company is cranking nowadays, after releasing the Sigma 35/1.4 and Sigma 18-35 f1.8 lenses (see the link for the reviews below) they introduce a new lens in their new top of the line “A” lineup. The new lens will be a 24 105mm f4 optical stabilized zoom lens.

Sigma 24-105mm f4 DG OS HSM A release date

The new lens will be released in November. The lens already released.

Sigma 24-105mm f4 DG OS HSM A compatibility

The new lens will be available in Canon, Nikon, Sony and Sigma mounts.

Sigma 24-105mm f4 DG OS HSM A specifications

Optical formula: The new lens contains 19 ! lens elements, the weight of the lens is 885g, and has 82mm filter size. The lens has Sigma’s usual hypersonic focusing system.

Minimum focusing distance: 45 cm.

Sigma 24-105mm f4 DG OS HSM A price

Pricing of the new lens is not yet known. The price of the new Sigma 24-105 OS HSM is 900 dollar/ 700 EURO.

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