May 152015

Full frame mirrorless Nikon camera

Full frame mirrorless Nikon camera
Seems Nikon tests a mirrorless camera with a Full frame sensor. Apart from that it has a normal F-mount, there is not much other information about the new camera yet.

On the picture is a Nikon 1 camera, the look of the new Full frame camera is not yet known. A good grip is useful for a serious camera, perhaps a more comfortable one as the one used in Dslr cameras. Most new Milc cameras is not very comfortable to hold for people with large hands.

Obviously the sensor will be a Sony 24 or 36 megapixel unit as I guess, but perhaps Nikon give a surprise and put a 16 Megapixel sensor in it who knows. The camera has a normal F-mount, it is good news, no additional converter needed for the lenses. Perhaps it is not so simple I guess, there perhaps will be preferred lenses for the camera, but perhaps not because of the F mount which allows a huge amount of lenses to be attached.

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