Digital slr camera deals


Digital slr camera deals

Digital slr camera deals on Bhphotovideo

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Canon Nikon Pentax – Digital slr camera deals

Digital slr camera deals on Amazon

Digital slr camera deals on Ebay

On Ebay used cameras can also be purchased. Auctions and fixed priced products are also available. Better to buy from rated sellers, and with an option to send back products if you don’t like.

Digital slr camera dealsDigital slr camera deals - canon 6d specsDigital slr camera deals - Pentax K3 specs

Digital slr camera deals

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Introduction – Digital slr camera deals

According to me now(May 2014) the following cameras are the best deals:

-Canon 7d (semi pro)

new or used best for action, sport, wildlife or bird photography, not really the best for landscapes – 18Mp semi-pro camera little bigger, and heavier than most of it’s peers but has a very good grip, very good autofocus system, fixed LCD. The high iso output, noise performance and dynamic range are not up to recent Nikons but a very good, fast, high resolution camera overall. What makes it a good deal that it’s street price is now at lower levels especially when the new 7d Mk II comes out this year.

-Canon 60d (advanced)

new or used this camera is essentially similar to the 7d(little downgraded) with a flip-out LCD, and has a smaller, lighter form. The Canon 60d is a very capable stills/video camera but lacks dual-pixel autofocusing for video and Live view which the 70d has. The flipout screen is very useful.

-Canon 70d (advanced)- Digital slr camera deals

I didn’t start with this camera because it is not a deal for Full price, but this camera is the best currently for video recording with it’s revolutionary dual-pixel autofocusing system. Apart from this a very capable stills camera overall with it’s new 20 megapixel sensor. It’s all plastic though compare to the older enthusiast camera bodies. The Canon 70d has very useful flipout screen which the Nikon d7100 lacks.

-Canon 5d Mk II (pro)

-used- an excellent camera overall, extremely good video performance, but no flipout screen, Full frame sensor. Only 9 focus points with one crosstype focus point. A used price can be very appealing for some, especially compared to the price of the newer models.

-Canon 6d (pro)

new or used Full frame smaller sized newest very good high iso quality, but only one cross type focus point, one of the most popular camera today

-Canon 100D (entry level)

the price is cheap already, this camera is only 400g which is smaller than a usual bridge compact camera, the camera has fixed screen and only one cross-type focus point.

-Canon 1200D (entry level)

the price can be good in several months – the 18 Megapixel sensor in the entry level camera first

-Nikon d700 used (pro)

12 Mp Full frame excellent high iso output

-Nikon d610 (pro)

(the Nikon d600 has oil/dust problems) smaller sized excellent overall

-Nikon d7100 (advanced)

24 Megapixel, Aps-C
Extremely good value camera overall even on the started price in an absolute scale, very high image quality, very good video, but fixed screen. High dynamic range and very good high iso output.

-Nikon d7000 (advanced)

new or used an excellent camera – very good overall in this segment, 2 card slots AF adjustments, My menu, I bought one for myself, the pictures not really different from the Nikon d7100 expect at 100% and perhaps at higher ISO sensitivities, but the difference here is not much, but I admit the Nikon d7100 looks a touch better camera overall.

-Nikon d5200 (entry level)

very good deal compare to Nikon d5300 if available
excellent lossless video function, very good Dx sensor

-Nikon d5100 (entry level)

– dirt cheap today, if available but very good usable ISO 3200 or even 6400

Pentax K-30

Pentax K-30 seems a well rounded good bargain camera today. Very good image quality, fast operation in a weather sealed body. A spare battery perhaps needed, and not the best bet for video.

-Pentak K-500, Pentax K-50, Pentax K5 IIs or the top of the line Pentax K-3

offers in-built stabilization with any lens attached. The 24Mp Sensor is a very good Sony made sensor similar to the ones used in earlier Nikon cameras(Nikon d7000, d5100 and earlier models) with a wide dynamic range and excellent high ISO performance.

Those of you can afford top of the line products like Canon 1Dx or Nikon d4s or Nikon d800 or Pentax K-3 are the best currently can get.

Obviously it is not possible to have the newest technology and the best price at the same time, but many cases it is possible to have 95% of the new product for half price. The above mentioned cameras are very good quality cameras even today compare to recent products. On used cameras the discount is even bigger, but it needs to be careful with used cameras, because on some cameras shutter replacement could be necessary. Still we can have a very good deal with used cameras.

Canon camera comparisons

At below links can find comparisons of different Dslr camera bodies. The tables show the low light performance, dynamic range, colour depth of different cameras and lots of other informations, including weight, ISO range, release date, burst mode, functions, etc.
Updated – Canon Full Frame comparison table
Updated Canon Aps-C camera comparison table

Expected Canon cameras this year – Digital slr camera deals

Canon 7d mk II and
Canon 750d are expected this year.

Detailed camera specifications

Detailed camera specifications are available for almost all recent and older Dslr camera models.
Detailed camera specifications
This page is also accessible from the main menu under Camera reviews tab.

Nikon camera comparisons

Updated – Nikon Full Frame comparison table
Updated – Nikon Aps-C comparison table

Expected Nikon cameras this year

Nikon d7200 is expected this year.

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