Sep 212016
Gopro 5


Gopro 5 Black edition

Here you have it the best Gopro ever as they advertising it, 4K video at 30fps, 12 Mp stills photos even in Raw format for the Black edition. This version also has a GPS and a 2 inch Touchscreen. The camera can record HD videos at 120 frames per second rate and 1440p videos at 60 frames per second rate.

30 frames per second time lapse videos are also possible to record with the new camera. There is Wifi, and Bluetooth as well with automatic upload to cloud. Image stabilizer, wind noise reduction and voice control is also built-in the camera. The camera is waterproof up to 10m depth without housing.

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Gopro 5 Session

gopro-hero-5-sessionThere are two versions, the cheaper Hero 5 session version is smaller which can shot 10 MP photos, but lacks GPS and the monitor completely.

This cheaper camera has an image stabilizer as well, for steadier, sharper clips, voice control and wind noise reduction system as well. The camera is waterproof without housing until 10m depth. It can record 10MP timelapse videos at 30 frames per second rate.

This is a big improvement compare to the earlier versions as I see, the image stabilizer only makes a huge difference.

Seems no white edition at this time, which was the most popular at the 4 series cameras.

Gopro Karma

Along with the new Gopro 5 cameras, there is a new Drone as well, called Gopro Karma.

The cameras will be available from October 2016 (UK).

The initial price will be 430/330/230 Pounds for the different models. The cheapest is the Gopro Session without 5 in the name.

Learn more at the official site

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