May 192017
Upupa epops

upupa-epopsThe Upupa epops or Hoopoe is a small bird which is common in Hungary between March and September. The bird spends the winter in Africa. The bird likes open areas, agricultural farms, typically can be found walking on dirt roads looking after insects. This is a widely spread bird in many places throughout Eurasia and Africa.

This is not particularly shy bird, relatively easy to approach, but keeps the distance if you want to go too close. In flight the black and white pattern of the wings is more apparent, if we can photograph from closer distances.

It is also called stingy bird, because in case of danger the chicks


The bird usually lay 5-10 eggs in a hole of tree or in a building. Only the female incubating the eggs, but feeding is done by both parents. The male birds fighting heavily with each other for the females and for the territories.

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