Nikon d7400 release date review specification


Nikon d7400 release date review specification

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Nikon d7400 release date review specification
Nikon d7400 release date

The release date of the Nikon d7400 is very far from now, even not sure it ever happened. The interesting question is it will be still Aps-C sensor sized, mirrorless camera without mirror or Full Frame camera ? Many guessed the Aps-C market soon will be ended because Full frame cameras going to be cheaper. Now everybody speak about MILC cameras, saying the Dsrl era is over. I hope not. As a bird photographer the optical viewfinder is the best solution to take quality bird or wildlife photos. Until this camera released the current Nikon d7100 already a fantastic camera to own, with excellent picture quality. Would be nice to use Canon lenses on Nikon dslrs (not really possible).

Nikon d7400 specification

Sensor: This is a really interesting question, Full frame, Aps-C 50 Mpixel, or 24 Mpix.
Dynamic range: 18 EV – would be nice
Low light: 1800 ISO
Colour depth: 25 bits
Weight: 800g
Frame rate: 100 fps (this is where improvements is possible)
Card slot: Dual
Software:Expeed 10
Video: 4k format
Shutter speed: 1/8000-30s
Pop up:yes
External connection:yes
Focus points:100
Cross type points:50

Nikon d7400 improvements above previous models

I guess some features which many perhaps would like:

-Picture quality high iso capability, dynamic range
-Seemless video autofocus
-3D pictures would be nice
-longer burst mode for wildlife/sports shooters
-crop mode with 2x magnification
-huge bright viewfinder

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