Nikon d900 review release date specs


Nikon d900 review release date specs

Nikon d900 review release date specs

The Nikon d900 is not announced yet. The actual name will be Nikon d810. Seems a new Nikon d810 is coming after the Nikon d800. The new camera has a slightly redesigned shutter mechanism, no AA filter in front of the 36.3 Mpix sensor with wider ISO (64-12,800)(32-51,200 expanded) range. The new camera is little faster with the EXPEED 4 system in operation than the older one. The camera has a front-curtain electronic shutter option, and a built in stereo mic for 1080/60 fps video recording (and option for external as well). Continuous shooting topping at 5fps, in DX mode 7fps.The camera has improved AF up to -2EV and some points up to f/8 others are up to f/5.6.
Read more about the Nikon d810 here
The camera is already available for pre-order at BH video. See more at below link.
Nikon D810 camera specs and pre-order at BH

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The current top of the line Nikon d800 specs are the following:

High iso(Dxomark): 2853

Resolution: 36.2 Mpix

Dynamic range: 14.4 EV (the best to date)

Colour depth: 25.3 bits

Frame rate:4 fps

Weight:1 kg

Built in flash: yes

Video format: 1920/1080

What are the expected specification of the new Nikon d900:

The Nikon d800 is perhaps the best Full Frame digital Slr camera today (Oct 2013). Where is the room for improvement ? It is always a room for improvement: put new technologies to the camera, change resolution, better high iso capability. I guess the New Nikon d900 going to get a 50 Mpixel sensor with same or better qualities the the current d800/d800E perhaps without AA filter. Video function is also an area where can put lots of effort today, perhaps Nikon also wants some innovation in this area.


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