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Canon RF 800mm f11 release date review specs compared pricing

canon rf 800mm f11
As a birder this thing is quite interesting (long focal length, more affordable than super duper telephoto lenses),
as a photographer f/11 what is it ? In photographic terms, everything below f4 is a dark tunnel, all of us heard / read this before. I do not even like f/5,6 lenses, but would be interesting an 500mm f/5,6 for example which no one would like to release. (Canon, Nikon, Sigma, etc), sorry Nikon released an 500mm f/5.5 fl Ed vr. This lens is aimed at RF system which is a mirrorless one, and it is a Full frame lens, for me as a birder the longer one is much more interesting. After many sample shots can judge picture quality. The f/11 aperture is a serious drawback, very dark only can be somewhat acceptable photographing the sky / birds in the sky / airplanes and such bright things as fire / UFOs etc. The minimal focus distance is 6m, nobody
like this I guess, would be really great if it were shorter like 3 or 4m or so.
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How to use it ?

The lens is compact when we transport it, than when we want to use it first need to unlock it, after pull for longer physical size than locking again.
Other thing to consider is shutter speed, it is a good idea to place it on a tripod or monopod, and first try with nearly static subjects (in a zoo for example). For moving subjects or handheld you need shutter speed like 1/1600s or even more to get consistently sharp results, depending on your hand shake. The subject must be minimum 20′ or 6m away.

What is it good for ?

Think about it as a telescope, with very narrow depth of field. Birding, wildlife, aviation, surfing such things came in my mind. Not portrait, macro, landscape. So the usage of this lens is quite limiting, including the reasons below regarding f/11 aperture.

Biggest drawback f/11 fixed aperture

The lens has a fixed f/11 aperture, cannot be stopped down if you want more areas in focus, and won’t be brighter either. This means in practical terms that almost useless in all but the brightest situations. Electronic viewfinder can compensate dark viewfinder view, but if you point the lens upwards and there are plenty of light and the sensor cannot capture the dynamic range you don’t see nothing. Not a case with the optical viewfinder.

Biggest advantage compare to the competition

The lens is smaller and lighter than the competition, and perhaps more
affordable than some other Canon mount lenses. Not fair to compare this price wise
this to a super expensive telephoto which is much brighter and has better picture
quality. Don’t be fooled with marketing you get quite a different thing for this

Is it worth to buy RF camera because of this lens ?

If you already have an RF camera, this lens is interesting. If you don’t have
you need to decide, according to your budget. I prefer optical viewfinder (Dslr) and
fully functional brighter lens for birding, which you can get much cheaper, for example
a used 7d with a 400mm f/5,6 with a 1,4 teleconverter. Not a full frame camera, not the
latest lens, but more usable according to my opinion.

Canon RF 800mm f11 Specs

Filter thread: 95mm / 82mm for the 600mm f/11
Mount: Canon RF (mirrorless, not fit for Dslr)
Weight: 1260 g / 950g for the f11
Dimensions: 101,6*351,8 mm
Minimal Focusing distance : 6 m
Optical stabilizer in lens: yes
AF motor type: Stm

Canon RF 800mm f11 release date

Canon RF 800mm f11 lens already released.

Canon RF 800mm f11 pricing

The price in the US is 699 Dollars, in Europe you can expect lot more.

Canon RF 800mm f11 Pros

– Small, compared to the focal length
– light, compare to what it is
– more affordable than the super expensive EF telephoto primes

Canon RF 600mm f11 Cons

– Dark f/11, dark view, slow photographically
– No weather sealing
– Not L build quality
– picture quality not yet known, but don’t expect wonder for this price, no control for out focus areas (aperture)

Canon RF 800mm f/11 teleconverters

There are 2 special teleconverters for this lens, older EF converters are not fit to this lens. According to my experience the 2x teleconverter is useless for 99% of the lenses except the really sharp ones, like the Canon EF 300mm f/2.8 II, or the other wonders. The lens will be immediately f/22 which is a useless setting for high megapixel digital cameras unless you shoot landscapes from 30 cm. I would not the put the f/1,4 either. Yes you get
reach, but eliminate picture quality many ways (diffraction, high ISO, low light quantity, motion blur).

Canon RF 800mm f/11 alternatives

There are many alternatives, the EF mount lenses, like the
Sigma 150-600mm, Tamron 150-600mm, the good old Canon 400mm f/5.6, Nikon Coolpix P900, P1000 compact
camera with 2000mm focal length or more with the same lighting conditions perhaps has similar results

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