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Tamron 150-600 G2

Tamron 150 600 G2

Tamron raise the bar again. When Tamron released the first generation 150-600mm lens in 2013 it was a massive success. Even Tamron was surprised the demand for such a lens, one needed to wait months to get a copy. No such lens was at a comparable price on the market. Focal length of 600mm with very good optical performance for only 1069 USD (if I remember well). A Powerful telephoto not just for the richest.

After Sigma quickly try to save the market with 2 versions of their 150-600mm (Sports and contemporary), and Nikon also got into the business with a 200-500mm, and there were rumors about a new Canon 200-600mm. (Not yet released, wouldn’t be surprised to see a new 10K USD lens)

Tamron 150-600 G2

I like what Tamron did the most, real quality for an affordable price.

After releasing the two 150-600 Sigmas reviewers questioned that the Tamron is not tack sharp at 600mm wide open, although before there were no such or similar lenses for decades.

Now comes with the G2 (second generation) version with:

– Improved optics
– Improved autofocus
– 2.2mm minimum focusing distance (86,6 in.) very nice for macro
– Zoom lock at any position
– two teleconverters (1.4x, 2x specially designed for this lens up to 1200mm
– Improved built
– Higher price (1399 USD)

With the improved price the new Tamron competes with the Sigma 150 600 Sports and the Nikon 200-500 I think with a significantly cheaper, more affordable price, or at least beat the Contemporary 150-600 Sigma.

Tamron 150-600 G2 specs Model A022
Mounts: Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony
Lens construction: 3 LD elements (21 elements / 13 groups)
Filter size: 95mm
Lens weight: 2kg, the Canon version little more, the Nikon is little less
Flex Zoom lock: yes, can be fixed at any position
Full time manual focus override: yes
No of aperture blades: 9
260.2mm (10.2 in) Canon
257.7mm (10.1 in) Nikon
Vibration compensation: yes
Tamron 150-600 G2 Flex zoom lock mechanism

This feauture sound really cool and very useful, in order to prevent zoom creeping. Usually we want to use the longest zoom setting or we can choose our favoured combination of focal length and aperture. Shorter focal length usually has brighter aperture values. With the new zoom mechanism we can easily fix the zoom at any position simply by pulling the lens.

Tamron 150-600 G2 dedicated teleconverters

There are two dedicated teleconverters especially designed for this lens by Tamron, a 1,4x and 2x teleconverters.

Model TC-X14
Magnification* 1.4x
Optical Construction 6 elements in 3 groups
Maximum Diameter φ70mm Canon
φ62.6mm Nikon
Length** 21.4mm (0.8 in) Canon and Nikon
Entire Length*** 34.1mm (1.3 in) Canon
32.3mm (1.3 in) Nikon
Weight 205g (7.2 oz) Canon
180g (6.3 oz) Nikon
Standard Accessories Mount cap, Rear cap, Lens case
Compatible Mounts Canon, Nikon

Model TC-X20
Magnification* 2x
Optical Construction 9 elements in 5 groups
Maximum Diameter φ69.8mm Canon
φ62.3mm Nikon
Length** 53.6mm (2.1 in) Canon and Nikon
Entire Length*** 66.8mm (2.6 in) Canon
65mm (2.6 in) Nikon
Weight 360g (12.7 oz) Canon
305g (10.8 oz) Nikon
Standard Accessories Mount cap, Rear cap, Lens case
Compatible Mounts Canon, Nikon
Tamron 150-600 G2 release date

The new telephoto lens will be available from September 2016.

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Tamron new 150-600mm supertele