Sep 162015
Tamron 45mm 1.8 vc USD Model F013

Tamron 45mm

Tamron annouced the new Tamron 45mm 1.8 vc USd lens with the Tamron 35mm f/1.8 USD. This lens is a little longer than the 35mm, specifically this is exactly a normal lens, with a similar perspective as the human vision.

Usually 50mm lenses called ‘normal’ in photography, but in reality 45mm is closer to the reality. When I speak about human vision I don’t speak about anything you can possible see, rather than the center portion of our vision which is a lot narrower perspective. It is important to note that all this is applied to the Full frame or film camera, which has a 35mm wide sensor.

On a smaller sensor Aps-C camera it is a short telephoto range with a lot narrower view, but very useful for portraits for example. On the other hand for landscapes or wider shots the normal lens is not really useful in the Aps-C camera. This is why I sold my 50mm lens, because I hardly find any other use than portrait on a smaller sensor (and for portraits I prefer longer telephoto lenses), and bought a 35mm instead. The 50mm or 45mm is perfect for a wedding on the Aps-C (DX) camera, even for a one lens-do-everything solution.

Many photographers in the past only used this bright normal lenses (usually 50mm in that time) for their work.

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Tamron 45mm 1.8 vc USD Model F013 feautures

The new Tamron 45mm has the following feautures:

– 45mm focal length

– bright f/1.8 aperture (there are brighter lenses as well on the market with f/1.2 or f/1.4 aperture)

– stabilizer (this is unique no other such lens has stabilizer yet, the Sony version lacks the stabilizer, as it is in the camera body)

– ultrasonic motor

Tamron 45mm 1.8 vc USD Model F013 specification

The new Tamron has closer MFD (31cm vs 45cm for most other normal lenses) and has a stabilizer. The stabilizer mostly useful at still subjects and for video recording.

Tamron 45mm f/1.8 di vc USD
Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony E mounts (the Sony version has no stabilizer)
Filter size:
67 mm
Lens elements / groups:
10 elements / 8 groups
Exotic Lens elements:
1 LD and 1 XLD elements
1.2 lb (544.3 g) Canon version, there is slight differences between versions
3.17 x 3.60″ (80.4 x 91.4 mm)
Close focus distance:
0.29 m (11.42″)
yes, ultrasonic
Front element rotates:
Moving barrel elements during focusing:
Focus preset modes:
AF-MF, stabilizer
Lens Mount:
Lens body material:
0.294 x
Reproduction ratio:
1: 3.4
Aperture blades:
9 rounded diaphragm blades
Distance scale:
Manual focus override:
No info
Focal length:
45 mm
Max Aperture:
Min Aperture:
eBAND and BBar coatings
Angle of view:
52°21’ for full-frame format
34°28’ for APS-C format
Focus limiter:
Tripod mount ring:
Lens hood:
Tilt / shift:

Tamron 45mm 1.8 vc USD Model F013 rivals / competitors

The biggest competitor is the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art lens, which is tack sharp at f/1.4, unlike the Canon and Nikon versions. The Sigma is more expensive but brighter, and I guess sharper as well. If the Tamron can get better, than it can be a hot seller as well.

Tamron 45mm 1.8 vc USD Model F013 release date

The release date of the new Tamron 45mm 1.8 vc usd is 29th of September 2015. (BHphotovideo)

Tamron 45mm 1.8 vc USD Model F013 price

The initial price of the new Tamron 45mm 1.8 vc USD is 599 USD.

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