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canon 750d

Latest update: 01 / 05 / 2015

Important: According to Lensrentals there is an issue with some of these cameras. The glass before the sensor on some copies looks like many small points on them all over. It needs to be clean, like a glass. If you see this on your copy the camera must be changed.

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Canon 750d / Rebel T6i specification

24.2 Megapixel APS-C-sized CMOS sensor
3″ sized fully articulating touchscreen LCD
19-point all-cross type autofocus system
Wi-Fi with NFC
7560 pixel RGB + IR metering sensor with skin tone detection
Hybrid CMOS AF III focus system (live view)
5 fps continuous shooting
1080/30p video

Features only in 760d / T6s

Servo AF in live view
Eye sensor for use with optical viewfinder
LCD information display on top plate
Quick control dial on rear

Seems the Canon Eos 750d / Rebel T6i / Kiss X8 is coming soon.

The new Canon 750d will have a 24.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor. The first Canon Aps-C Dslr with this high pixel count. The new camera will have a vari angle 1040K LCD screen, the camera can record Full Hd video. The camera has a DIGIC 6 image processor. The camera will inherit the Canon 7d 19 all cross-type af system. The camera has a Hybrid CMOS Af III focusing system. Canon claims it is the best Live view af system, the camera has phase detect and contrast detect af points as well. The camera has WIFI and NFC connectivity. The camera can make 5 fps in burst mode. The native ISO range of the camera is between 100-12,800 which can be extended to 100-25,600.

The camera is expected to be available in April 2015.

Canon 760d

There is a little upgraded version as well called Canon 760d or Canon Rebel T6s. This cameras has a top LCD as well, and some more advanced manual video functions. Otherwise the two camera seems identical.
Canon Rebel T6s

Canon 750d pre-order link at BHphotovideo

Canon 750d Preorder at BHphotovideo


The new Canon 750d / T6i / Kiss X8 most likely will inherit the 20.2 Megapix sensor of the Canon 70d / 7d II.

The big speculation is going on the Dual pixel af system, include in the Canon 750d or not, I think, which now is find it’s way into Cinema EOS pro camcorders, and I think in Canon 1Dx line cameras as well in the near future.

Lots of time passed since the success of the old Canon 550d. A new warrior is needed to keep the fight with Nikon, which seems stronger lately.

Canon Eos 750d release date

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Seems Canon is so busy with the upcoming Full frame dslrs, that forget to release the new 750d. Or just wants to make sure all 700d will be sold, before the new 750d is coming with a Dual-pixel af and new sensor. The new 750d will have Wifi and NFC and perhaps other new perhaps inherited functions as well. Perhaps distortion correction or chromatic aberration correction can appear in entry level models as well. Or other cool functions about light metering or exposure selection.

Canon Eos 750d specs guess

Below we compare the expected specs of the new Canon 750d / Rebel t6i / Kiss X8 to the Canon 700d / T5i / Kiss X7 camera.

Photo parameters

Resolution: 17.9 Megapixel Most likely the new 20.2 megapixel in the new 750d
Picture size: 5184 x 3456 pixel maximum resolution Can be 5472 x 3648
File types: Raw, JPEG No changes expected here
ISO range: ( 100 – 12,800 ) ( 25,600 in extended mode )No changes expected here
Shutter speed: 1/4000-30s in half of third increments No changes expected here
Dynamic range: 11.2 EV The competition is much better
Colour depth: 21.7 bits The competition is much better
Dxo high iso score: 681 strange why the Canon 550d better ( references Canon 550d: 784, Nikon d3300: 1385, Canon 7d: 854) The competition is much better
Focus points/crosstype points: 9/9 Very good No changes expected here
Built in flash: yes ( good to have )No changes expected here
Flash guide number: 13 No changes expected here
Flash external connection: yes No changes expected here
Flash exposure compensation range: -2 EV to 2 EV ( in 1/2 EV or 1/3 EV steps )
Flash synch X= 1/200s Perhaps no changes
Flash modes: Auto, Off, On, Red eye
Lens focus motor: yes No changes expected
Lens mount: Canon Ef, Ef-s No changes expected
Diffraction theoretical limit: around f/7
Continuous shooting: Max. 5 fps ( 7 Raw or 28 Jpeg images) Not very likely to be faster


TTL 63 zone metering system, similar as in the Canon 7d
Metering modes: Multi-zone, Center-weighted average, Partial, Spot Not very likely to have the new 150,000 RGB + IR sensor of the new Canon 7d Mk II

Image processor

Digic 5 or Digic 6

Shutter release details

Single, continuous, quiet, self timer ( 2 or 10s ), mirror lock up

Autofocus details

Single servo af, continuous servo af, manual focus
Focusing method: TTL phase detection, contrast detection in Live view mode, face detection, touch focus


-Live view: yes No changes expected
-Video function: yes No changes expected
-HDR:yes No changes expected
-Panorama: No No changes expected
-3D: No No changes expected
-Built in image stabilizer: No No changes expected
-Wifi: No with Eye-Fi possible More and more common perhaps will be in the Canon 750d as well
-GPS(usually just geotagging):No Energy consuming for a small camera
-Dust removal system: yes No changes expected
-Image dust off-reference data records the dust spots for later removal
-Digital zoom: No No changes expected
-Waterproofing / sealing: No No changes expected

Physical parameters

Sensor format: Aps-C No changes expected
Crop factor: 1.6 x No changes expected
Sensor size: 22,3 x 14.9 mm No changes expected
Sensor type: CMOS No changes expected
Weight: 580g 20.46 oz. No changes expected
Camera Size: 133 x 100 x 79 mm, ( 5.24 x 3.94 x 3.11″ ) No changes expected
LCD resolution: 1040k dots No changes expected
Flipout LCD: yes Very useful
Touch screen: yes No changes expected
Viewfinder magnific. / coverage: 0.53 / 95% No changes expected
Storage slots: 1 SD, SDHC, SDXC cards No changes expected
Battery: 1x LP-E8 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery mAh V
Battery life: 440 shots No changes expected
Orientation sensor: yes No changes expected
Tripod connection: 1/4″

Video parameters

Format: H.264 Mov No changes expected
Built in mic:
Video autofocus: yes dual pixel or not?
Video format: 1920 x 1080 / 30,25,24 1280×720/60,50 640 x 480/30,25 Higher frame rate at HD perhaps possible
External mic jack: yes 3.5mm No changes expected
Max clip length: 29 min 59 s. No changes expected

White balance

White balance settings:
1 Custom, and 6 other preset settings

Pic style modes

Night Portrait, Candlelight, HDR Backlight Control Kids, Food, Night Scene handheld

Other parameters

63 zone dual layer metering
Raw files
Digic 5 image processor
Clear view II touch screen LCD
Orientation sensor
Multi shot noise reduction


USB 2.0

Canon 700d / Rebel T5i standard accessories

– Lp E8 Lithium – ion battery pack
– Lp E8 battery charger
– RF 3 camera cover
– EW 300D wide strap
– Eyecup for Canon EF digital cameras
– EOS digital solution disk
– Interface cable

Canon Eos 750d release date

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If you have any news/rumors regarding the new Canon 750d/Rebel T6i camera please share it with us in the comments.

Canon 750d new functions

Seems the Canon 750d will not be released in 2014. What is interesting seems the new Canon 750d will inherit the Dual pixel CMOS AF system from the Canon 70d. Wifi connectivity and NFC is also can be expected in the new Rebel. I very curious about any new functions, and possible upgrades for the new Canon 750d/T6i. Seems also likely that the new camera will inherit the new sensor of the Canon 70d. Seems it can be a quite capable camera.

Canon 750d new rumors

There are new rumors about the new Canon 750d as it would come with EVF (electronic viewfinder). I don’t personally think that the Canon 750d would be a MILC camera, but who knows it. Canon until now don’t really want to participate in the MILC business.

Canon released the 7d Mk II

Canon released the new 7d Mk II, so seems now it is the time for the new Canon 750d camera to coming out. It is already passed the time, because it normally would needed to come in Spring 2014, if it would followed the earlier trend of Canon Rebel cameras. The new Canon 7d Mk II is packed with technology, but as I see the samples the sensor is essentially the same as before, with slight improvement and with a little better, more refined software. If you interested in to look the 7d II samples you can check at the link at right sidebar of the page. The new camera has GPS, elec compass and 10 fps frame rate.

Latest news about the Canon 750d

Big silence about the Canon 750d. According to earlier trends it must have released in Spring 2014, but seems there is a big speculation about it. Does it have the dual-pixel video live view autofocus or not? If yes Canon perhaps try to release the Canon 7d Mk II first, but rumors say no flipout screen for the Canon 7d mk II. Rumors say the Canon 750d will have the sensor of the Canon 70d or a new perhaps little downgraded version of it and improved autofocus performance as well. My guess about the Canon 750d release date is that the 7d Mk II will be released in Photokina and the Canon 750d is a little bit later.

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Canon Eos 750d/Canon T6i release date

Check this it is interesting..
Interesting Canon entry level cameras


Canon Eos 750d/Canon T6i release date is probably in 2014. If Canon follow the trend of the earlier Rebel models in Spring 2014. Seems Canon wants to sell as many 700 d’s as possible.

Specification: what will the new Canon 750d going to get ?

Perhaps the new Canon 750d going to get the Canon 70d’s 20.2 Mpixel sensor(Everybody hopes Canon will not sell the 550d’s sensor for fifth time, while Olympus, Sony-Nikon, Fuji all makes better Aps-C or Micro 4/3 sensors than Canon nowadays), perhaps little downgraded.  The Canon 70d’s sensor is better than the old Rebels sensor by approximately 1 f-stop, and very close to the performance of the Nikon d7100, see details below. Seems ISO 6400 can be used without much of noise. The size of the camera be perhaps as the Canon 100d size, or the same as the earlier Canon Rebel models as the Canon 700d which is more likely. The Canon 750d release date is not yet known.

Interested what is going to happen, how good will be the Canon’s newest entry level camera. Perhaps improved video features expectable, the interesting question is that the 750d can get or not the newest dual pixel auto focusing technology that improves the video capturing capability of the Camera first used in the new Canon 70d. In reality this only can be used in live view and still slower as Panasonic’s focus for example. In long term everybody expects this technology going to be used in all Canon Dsrl cameras, but is not sure when this going to happen. The new Canon 7d Mk II will surely going to have it.

Meanwhile the new

Canon 70d has been released

and seems has better sensor than the sensor of the Canon 7d. The improvement is significant in terms of low light performance but in Dynamic range and colour depth not really up to the recent Nikon/Sony cameras, or better than the 7d. According to DXO mark laboratory, who measures the sensor’s raw data, the parameters of the New Canon 70d are the following:

Low light performance:

926 better than 7d (854) but not up to Nikon d7100 (1256) or d7000 (1167) or d5200 (1284)- I think it is still very good

Dynamic range:

11.6 vs 7d (11.7)vs d7100(13.7) vs d7000 (13.9) vs d5200 (13.9) – here is the most place for improvement

Colour depth:

22.5 vs 7d (22)vs d7100(24.2) vs d7000(23.8) vs d5200 (24.2)

It is possible that Canon don’t want to put the best technology in the 70d but spare it for the upcoming Canon 7dMk II instead.

Canon entry line history

The original Canon 300d was a very big hit as it was the first “consumer grade Dslr in 2003”. The camera was sold under name Canon Digital Rebel in the US, Kiss Digital in Japan, and there was a name as DS6041 as well. The camera has 6 Megapixel Aps-C CMOS sensor at the size of 22.7×15.1mm. Before all digital slr camera was well above 1000 USD price. The camera was a huge success for Canon. The camera was manufactured in black and silver color as well. In the beginning the silver color version was selled in the US. The camera had a weight of 694g, ISO range of 100-1600. In the beginning Canon cameras was 33% more sensitive as noted. Today the situation is the opposite, now the cameras usually less sensitive as noted. ISO 3200 is 2750 really and such things. You can check theses datas in DXOmark. The Canon 300d has a back 1.8″ LCD screen with 118k dots. The camera had 7 focus points. The camera share the same sensor with the higher end Canon EOS 10D. The camera has no live view mode, HDR, video and such things. The camera uses CF (compact flash) cards.

The Canon 350d ( or Rebel Xt or Kiss Xt) was released in 2005. The camera now has an 8 Megapixel CMOS sensor, like the Canon EOS 20D and 30D. The new 350d was significantly faster than the original model. There was lots of very nice pictures made with this camera. Canon was ruled the business at that time, because their camera was better at low light sensitivities, than the competition. The back LCD was essentially the same as the LCD of the Canon 300d with 1.8″ site and 115k dots. The continuous shooting buffer was enough 4 Raw or 14 jpeg images at a rate of 3fps (frames per second). The camera now has a 2.0 USB connection which is much faster than the previous connection.

The Canon 400d ( or Rebel XTi or Kiss X ) was released in 2006.
The Canon 400d had a 10 Megapixel CMOS sensor. The 9 points af system was inherited from the prosumer Canon 30D camera. The 2.5″ fixed LCD screen has a 230k dots. Still was no live view or video function in the camera. The Canon 400d has a sensor cleaning system. The system works with a separated AA filter with ultrasonic vibrations. The sensor and camera parts are covered with anti dust materials.

The Canon 450d ( or Rebel Xsi or Kiss X2 ) was released in 2008.
The Canon 450d had a 12 Megapixel CMOS sensor. The picture quality was better, than the earlier model’s picture quality. The camera had a 230k dots fixed LCD screen. The camera has a Live view mode.

The Canon 500d ( or Rebel T1i or Kiss X3 ) was released in 2009.
The Canon 500d has got a 15 Megapixel sensor. This sensor I think was little bit too much at that time. Lots of noise appeared in the pictures compare to the older smaller pixel count models. Before Canon was frequently criticized by the low res LCD panel, which they used, while Nikon used more res 920k dots LCD panel. The new Canon 500d cured this problem with a new 920k dots back LCD panel.

The Canon 550d ( or Rebel T2i or Kiss X4 ) was released in 2010.
The Canon 550d was the first Canon entry level Dslr with a whopping 18 Megapixel CMOS sensor. The Canon 550d again was a huge success for Canon. The camera inherited the same sensor as the higher end Canon 7d. Funny in some settings the picture quality of the Canon 550d was better, than the picture quality of the Canon 7d. The Canon 550 was a good all round camera, with a very good video, the live view mode, but the camera has a fixed back LCD panel, with 1040k dots.

The Canon 600d ( or Rebel T3i or Kiss X5 ) was released in 2011.
The Canon 600d sensor is essentially the same as the sensor of the Canon 550d. It is a 18 Megapixel CMOS sensor. The Canon 600d / Rebel T3i has a flipout LCD, and video function in live view but don’t has a touchscreen, which the Canon 650d has.

The Canon 650d ( or Rebel T4i or or Kiss X6 ) was released in 2012.
The Canon 650d had a vary-angle LCD which is very useful for video recording. The camera had essentially the same 18 Megapixel CMOS sensor, which the Canon 550d had. The camera can record full HD video, and has live view mode. The Canon 650d camera has a touchscreen interface as well.

The Canon 700d ( or Rebel T5i or Kiss X7 ) was released in 2013.
The Canon 700d shares the same 18 Megapixel sensor, than the predecessors, 1040k dots vari-angle LCD, HD video, 9 all-cross type af points. This is different because the Canon 650d only has one cross-type af sensors.

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