Nikon d7100 specs


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Nikon d7100 specs

nikon d7100 specs

Nikon d7100 firmware updates-(jan 2014)

C: 1.01

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Nikon d7100 main parameters


Photo parameters

Resolution: 24 Megapixel
Picture size:6000×4000 Pixel, other sizes see below
ISO range:100-25600 (100-6400)
Dynamic range: 13,7 EV
Colour depth: 24,2 bits
Focus points/crosstype: 51/15
Built in flash: yes
Live view: yes
HDR: yes
Panorama: No
3D: No
Continuous shooting:6fps, 7fps in crop mode (1.3x crop mode, smaller resolution)

File sizes of the Nikon d7100

NEF:20-25 MB
Jpg:10-12 MByte – Large, 7M medium, 4M small all fine settings, lower quality smaller

Physical parameters

Sensor format:Aps-C
Sensor size:23,5*15,6mm
Weight: 765g with battery and memory card
Camera Size:135,5 x 106,5 x 76 mm
LCD:1229k dots
Viewfinder size:0,62
Storage slots: 2 sdhc, sdxc
Flash synch speed: 1/250s

Video parameters

Video autofocus: there is an autofocus, but not really good, Panasonic, or Canon are better for video, even Canon 70d not the best
Video format:1920/1080,720
Frame rate:60/50/30/25/24
External mic connection: yes

Nikon d7100 menus

-Custom settings
-My menu or recent settings

Nikon d7100 scene modes

Portrait, Landscape, Child, Sports, Close-up, Night portrait, Night landscape, Party/Indoor, Beach/Snow, Sunset, Dusk/Dawn, Pet portrait, Candlelight, Blossom, Autumn colours, Food

Nikon d7100 release modes

– S (single frame),
– CH (continuous high speed)
– CL (continuous low speed),
– Q (quiet shutter release),
– self-timer,
– MUP (mirror lockup);
– interval timer mode

Nikon d7100 remote control modes

There are three modes:
-delayed remote,
-quick-response remote,
-remote mirror-lockup

Nikon d7100 functions

-Distortion correction
-Chromatic aberration correction for jpg-s
-In camera HDR
-Long time exposures (in M mode only)
-U1 and U2 user defined settings
-Crop mode 1.3x center instead of 23.5*16mm full Dx sensor area the picture is made from a 18.8*12.5mm center sensor area, which creates telephoto effect
-Auto sensitivity control
-Interval timer photo – we can set start time and intervals between photos
-Face detection in Live view
-In camera movie editing such as trimming
-In camera photo editing such as cropping, adjusting sharpness and curves, trimming, etc
-Copy images from one memory card to another
-High iso noise reduction off, low, normal, high settings
-Red eye correction
-image overlay
-In camera Nef(Raw) processing
-Virtual horizont
-AF fine tune

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Differences compare to Nikon d7000

Resolution: 24 vs 16 Mpix
51/15 autofocus points/crosstype points vs 39/9
Autofocuses up to -2 EV compare to -1 EV for Nikon d7000
Dynamic range 13,7 vs 13,9 EV (Nef format) the D7000 is a little better
Colour depth: 24,2 vs 23,5 bits
High iso Dxomark:1256 vs 1167
LCD 1,229k dots vs 920k dots, the LCD also a little bigger
Nikon d7100 has in camera HDR, the Nikon d7000 hasn’t.
Frame rate is higher for movies but uses the crop mode for higher frame rates (60/50).
Startup time:300ms vs 400ms

Nikon d7100 other parameters

Picture formats:6000*4000, 4496*3000, 2992*2000
Dust removal system:yes
File fomat NEF 12 or 14 bit losless compressed and compressed or
Jpeg Fine (compression 1:4), normal(1:8), basic(1:16)
Self timer 2,5,10,20 s
Metering 2016 pixel RGB sensor
Exposure metering +-5 EV in P,S,A,M modes

Nikon d7100 standard accessories

BS-1 accessory shoe cover (flash)
DK-23 rubber eyecup
DK-5 eyepiece cup
BF-1B body cup
MH-25 battery charger
EN-EL 15 Lithium ion battery
AN-DC1 BK strap
UC-E6 -USB cable
View Nx 2 CD
User’s Manual


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