Nikon d7200 release date specs price review


Nikon d7200 release date

Announced March 2, 2015, shipping from March 19th 2015

Darrel Young Mastering the Nikon D7200 Book
DxO measures Nikon D7200

According to DxOmark the Nikon D7200 is the best Aps-C Dslr currently on the market. The Dynamic range of 14.6 EV is unprecedented for an aps-c camera (as far as I know the Nikon D7000 was the best before with a 13.9 EV dynamic range). The high ISO score of 1333 is also the best for a Dx camera. The color depth is 24.5 bits. With these datas the Nikon d7200 is the 20th best camera on Dxos sensor list, Full frame models also included.

Nikon d7200 finally announced !

Nikon d7200 release date
After a long wait Nikon announced the Nikon d7200 finally. Although at first it can seem as a similar camera, it looks a very serious competitor. The bigger buffer, native ISO range of 100-25,600 looks very promising. Two new sensitivities for Black and White Jpegs (Hi Bw1 51,200, Hi BW2 ISO 102,400), in camera timelapse video with expsure smoothing up to 9999 frames, clarity control for picture style, different parameters for video and photo looks it can be a very nice camera. Looking for one to have a complete review.

Key specs of the new Nikon d7200

Sensor: 24.2 Megapixel resolution 6000 x 4000 px
iso range: 100-25,600 (iso 51,200 – 102,400 in Black and White mode only Jpgs) seems very interesting unprecedented in a Dx camera
51/15 points af system f/8 sensitivity in the center
AF sensitivity to -3 EV, (the Nikon D7100 up to -2 EV)
LCD: 3.2″ 1340k dots fixed LCD monitor
Burst mode: 6fps up to 100 jpeg frames, 27 No 12 bit NEF files, 18 No 14 bit NEF files, compare to the Nikon d7100 it is a much larger buffer, which has a buffer of 8-9 NEF images on paper, 5-6 in reality, the 18 seems triple amount.
7 fps at crop mode, and good for 3s sec continuous shooting
Exposure compensation range: +-5 EV in 1/3 or 1/2 increments
White balance modes: Auto, Cloudy, Preset Manual, Direct Sunlight, Flash, Fluorescent, Incandescent, Shade
2 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds
Self timer: Number of Shots: 1-9
Custom: 0-3 seconds at 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 second intervals
The autofocus function can be used for the shutter release button as well, several other buttons can be assigned differently than before
Light falloff correction in camera

Nikon d7200 flash

Guide number: 12m ISO 100 ( 39.4′ )
Flash modes: Auto, Red-eye Reduction, Hi-Speed Sync, Fill-in, Rear Curtain/Slow Sync, Rear Sync, Red-eye Reduction, Slow Sync, Slow Sync/Red-eye, Reduction, Auto, Off
Flash synch speed: 1 / 250s
Flash compensation range: -3EV to +1 EV
External flash hot shoe connection

Nikon d7200 video

In camera time lapse video with exposure smoothing, the Nikon D7100 was also made time lapse photos, but the new Nikon D7200 makes video from these photo in the camera, no information about the quality yet
Video: Full HD video at 60 fps
Clip length: 20 Min at 60 fps, 29 min 59s at lower frame rates
1920 x 1080 at frame rates of 60, 50, 30, 25, 24 fps
1280 x 720 / 60, 50,
640x 480 / 30, 25 fps
Uncompressed video to an external recorder
Stereo in built microphone,
Sound level in adjustable in 20 steps
External mic connection
Full HD video from then 1.3x crop area (1920 x 1080)
Bracketing up to 9 frames
Dedicated photo and video menus
ISO settings can be adjusted with only a dial
Spot white balance control, one shot with spot metering for WB adjustment
MC DC2 port for remote release
Different parameters can be adjusted for photo and video

Camera weight: 675g 23.8 oz.
Size: 135.5 x 106.5 x 76.0 mm / 5.3 x 4.2 x 3.0″
Battery: EN-EL15 1900 mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery pack (1 No), 7 VDC they claim the same battery now can make more photos
Connections: USB 2.0, 1/8″ Headphone, 1/8″ Microphone, HDMI C (Mini)
LCD screen: 1340k dots fixed screen, same size and res as before, but colors can be adjusted, like at White balance


In Budapest the price is a little high, but it is a very high performance camera.

Expeed 4 processing engine
No optical low pass filter
Dual sd card slots
2016 pixel RGB sensor
Built in Wifi and NFC connectivity (NFC is to control the camera from a smartphone)
In camera time lapse with exposure smoothing up to 9999 frames

Seems it will be a very capable camera.

The ship time is projected for end March 2015.

Is it worth to upgrade from the Nikon d7100 ?

Bigger buffer, better video and wider ISO range is the difference here. The build quality, resolution seems the same as the earlier model. The battery is also the same. The older Nikon D7100 still a wonderful camera.

Competition / rivals

The more expensive Canon 7d II has 10 fps burst mode and a better 65 cross type af system. According to me the picture quality of the Nikon is better, especially for landscapes, because the dynamic range of the Nikon is much better. The decision is more based on preferred system and available lenses in this case I think. We don’t have a review of the Canon yet.

Nikon d7200 release date

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Nikon d7200 newest rumors / speculation

Newest information suggests that a Nikon D7200 will be a Mini Nikon D750 with a tilting LCD screen.

The speculation goes around the following specs:

– frame rate: 6 fps or can be higher like 8 fps or 10 fps, the newest Canon 7d Mk II can make 10 frames per second
– tiltable LCD: like the one in the Nikon D750

-autofocus system: the usual 51 / 15 point af system or can be a newer system with more af points or can be auto focusing up to f/10, current Nikon d7100 auto focusing up to f/8 this means if you put 2x teleconverter on the Nikon 300 f/4 it will be an autofocusing combination. With earlier cameras, usually autofocusing up to f/5.6 it is not possible.

– pixel count: the existing 24mp sensor or a newer unit, lot more pixels are quite challenging in different point of view and give little benefit according to my opinion

– buffer, how much frames is it possible to shoot. A burst of 5 seconds is quite good, this means 30 frames if we speak about Raw files at 6 frames / second rate.

– video functions, many people like to have high frame rate for smaller res videos ( it would be very interesting in wildlife photography for example ), or better video af system

– crop mode

Not so many rumors recently about the new Nikon d9300 camera which was rumored before as the new camera in the Nikon d300 line of cameras.

Nikon d7200 specs guess
Photo parameters

Maximum res: 24 Megapixel the 24 megapixel seems the most obvious choice, but can be a big news if Nikon put more megapixels like 28 megapixel or more, but it is not very likely, for example Samsung plan to pack 28 Megapixel in the Nx 1
Pixels:6000×4000 Pixel, other sizes see below
ISO sensitivity range:100-25600 (100-6400) lower ISO values would be useful for lanscapes instead of ND filters, current d7100 usable up to 6400 ISO, newer Nikon d7200 can be 1/3 stops better, according to my thinking, but if it would be usable at ISO 12,800 would be a very serious improvement.
Dynamic range: 13,7 EV Can be better, but very good already compare to the competition, but several Nikon cameras has a dynamic range around 15 EV, very useful for landscape photography
Color depth: 24,2 bits
Focus points / crosstype points: 51/15 A new advanced af system is possible as the 51 / 15 point system is quite old already, and Canon use 65 points in the newest 7d
Built in flash: yes good to have, very useful feature
Live view: yes flipout screen would be a logical improvement here, for better videos and extreme angle stills photography
HDR: yes good to have, some improvement possible here as well, for example more frames, full automatic function
Panorama: No would be interesting new feature
3D: No not very likely according to my opinion
Continuous shooting:6fps, 7fps in crop mode (1.3x crop mode, smaller resolution) higher frame rates, longer buffer would be useful, other crop modes perhaps if the pic quality allows it

File sizes of the Nikon d7100

NEF:20-25 MB The camera already produce large files, if the resolution can be higher like 28 megapixel the file sizes can be even bigger
Jpg:10-12 MByte – Large, 7M medium, 4M small all fine settings, lower quality smaller large files already
Other options: smaller Raw files are possible

Physical parameters

Sensor format: Aps-C No change expected
Sensor size:23,5*15,6mm No change expected
Weight: 765g with battery and memory card
Camera Size:135,5 x 106,5 x 76 mm No significant change expected
LCD:1229k dots No significant change expected
Viewfinder size:0,62 No significant change expected
Storage slots: 2 sdhc, sdxc No significant change expected
Flash synch speed: 1/250s No significant change expected

Video parameters

Video autofocus: there is an autofocus, but not really good, Panasonic, or Canon are better for video, even Canon 70d not the best a better video af would be useful, now most dslrs are usable only in manual mode
Video format:1920/1080,720 4K video is a question, there is a 4K video in more and more cameras today, would be very interesting for many people I think, would increase sales significantly with this excellent sensor
Frame rate:60/50/30/25/24 No significant change expected
External mic connection: yes No significant change expected

Nikon d7100 menus

-Playback good to have no change expected
-Shooting good to have no change expected
-Custom settings good to have no change expected
-Setup good to have no change expected
-Retouch good to have no change expected
-My menu or recent settings
Any change can be interesting in menus for example new functions, new possibilities to setup, my menus settings expanded

Scene modes

Portrait, Landscape, Child, Sports, Close-up, Night portrait, Night landscape, Party/Indoor, Beach/Snow, Sunset, Dusk/Dawn, Pet portrait, Candlelight, Blossom, Autumn colours, Food probably something similar expected

release modes

– S (single frame), good to have no change expected
– CH (continuous high speed) good to have no change expected
– CL (continuous low speed), good to have no change expected
– Q (quiet shutter release), good to have no change expected
– self-timer, good to have no change expected
– MUP (mirror lockup); good to have no change expected
– interval timer mode good to have no change expected

modes of remote control

three different modes:
-delayed remote mode, good to have no change expected
-quick-response remote mode, good to have no change expected
-remote mirror-lockup mode good to have no change expected


-Distortion correction
-Chromatic aberration correction for jpg-s
-In camera HDR
-Long time exposures (in M mode only)
-U1 and U2 user defined settings
-Crop mode 1.3x center instead of 23.5*16mm full Dx sensor area the picture is made from a 18.8*12.5mm center sensor area, which creates telephoto effect
-Auto sensitivity control
-Interval timer photo – we can set start time and intervals between photos
-Face detection in Live view
-In camera movie editing such as trimming
-In camera photo editing such as cropping, adjusting sharpness and curves, trimming, etc
-Copy images from one memory card to another
-High iso noise reduction off, low, normal, high settings
-Red eye correction
-image overlay
-In camera Nef(Raw) processing
-Virtual horizont
-AF fine tune

other parameters

Image sizes :6000*4000, 4496*3000, 2992*2000 Good functionality with reasonable amount of choices, can be lower resolution tough as well like 1600, 1200 or 800 pixels
Dust cleaning system: yes good to have
File fomat NEF 12 or 14 bit lossless compressed and compressed or
Jpeg Fine (compression 1:4), normal(1:8), basic(1:16)
Self timer 2,5,10,20 s – small raw files can be good for some people
Metering 2016 pixel RGB sensor
Exposure compensation range +-5 EV in P,S,A,M modes

Nikon d7200 release date

According to newest rumors the Nikon d7200 can come in the beginning of 2015. Unfortunately no news about the differences compare to the Nikon d7100 yet. Perhaps the announcements can happen this year.

The Photokina ended without the Nikon d7200 announcement. No news nowhere about the new Nikon d7200. Apart from the flip-out screen perhaps Nikon has not too much room for improvement. A new sensor would be little better in terms of ISO performance, and some improvement in video also possible.

Most likely the Nikon d7200 will be announced at Photokina international fair in Cologne, Germany between 16-21th of September. Some increase in high ISO performance is expected.

Nikon d7100 review
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Nikon d7200 news

Seems the new Nikon d7200 wasn’t announced at Photokina, like the Canon 750d. There are lots of speculation in the background I guess, what to put in, regarding buffer which is wanted by many but seems Nikon wants (as Canon) to influence people to buy Full frame and spend more on lenses as well. Finally who knows perhaps the Nikon d400 come out for a galactic money (Canon style). If you have any idea or information you can share on the forum.

Nikon d9300 and Nikon d2300

Update: Everybody speak about a new Nikon d9300 now as a possible camera of the Nikon d300 line. No certainty though yet as it was not yet announced by Nikon. There are also rumors about a new Nikon d2300 as a small dslr camera like the Canon 100D.



The new Nikon d7200 release date has not known yet. No rush because seems the Nikon d7100 is the best Aps-C Dsrl today, which has not changed with the release of the new Canon 70d. No news about the long discussed Nikon d400 yet either, nobody knows it is ever going to be released. The only thing is perhaps missing in the Nikon d7100 in photographic side is the longer burst mode, compare to older semi professional models such as the Nikon d300/d300s. The build quality of the older Nikon d300 is also better than the new D7xxx line cameras. Perhaps Nikon like Canon wants to lead enthusiasts towards Full frame models. The video mode can also be improved, even the Canons newest dual pixel system is not as good as Panasonic’s for example.

Nikon d7200 release date

Some speculation that the Nikon d7200 comes for the Photokina (Cologne, 16-21 September, 2014 ), but no proof yet. More interesting what will be the changes. Nikon makes better and better sensors lately for Aps-C sized market, the new D3300 has a very good low light performance. It has a high ISO score of 1385 at Dxomark, which is much better than the score of the d7100(1256) or d7000(1167) or even the Full frame Canon 5d(1368), which is a serious achievement.

Nikon d7100 specifications

Nikon d7200 release date
The detail of the Nikon d7100 is exceptional: the picture as it comes out of the camera, no sharpening or anything else: Nikon d7100 with Nikon 35 f1.8 ISO 400, this is not an original picture which is lot more sharper but it needed to resize to increase the download speed

Dxo lab measurements of the Nikon d7100:

Colour depth: 24,2 bits
Dynamic range: 13,7 EV
High iso: 1256
Sensor resolution: 24 Mpixel (6036×4020)
Weight:675 g (this is less compare to the Nikon d7000)
LCD resolution:1228 k Pixel
Exposure bracketing: +- 5EV in 1/3 or 1/2 EV increments
Frame rate: 6fps, 7 in crop mode
Number of autofocus points:51
Flipout LCD: No

What is going to change ?

According to me big changes in terms of sensor/resolution/dynamic range cannot be expected until Canon makes some serious competition, which seems not happen in the near future. I would be surprised if the New Canon 7d Mk II would be better than the Nikon d7100. The high iso performance will be better, as we see in other models. The Nikon D7100 is a fantastic camera: great resolution, a fantastic number of details, usable ISO range up to ISO 6400. Very good features, crop mode, 7fps continuous shooting, everything somebody can wish for. This camera is almost as good as a Full frame cameras, but with smaller sensor, and better price. Wish Canon has something with this quality, at this price point. The Full frame cameras are better in reality but the difference is not huge. One thing perhaps would be useful: flipout screen for videos and shooting at extreme angles.

Nikon d7xxx line chronology

Nikon d7200 ? Seems to come in 2015 at earliest
Nikon d7100 – 2013 The newer Nikon d7100 is even better than the already fantastic Nikon d7000. 8 extra megapixels, better high iso performance, low noise levels, with excellent resolution, little smaller and ligher than the Nikon d7000. On an absolute scale it is a fantastic camera as well regarding price per value. Huge dynamic range, lots of colors, good functionality, two dials, built in focus motor, lots of settings, HD video in high frame rates, only the flipout screen, and longer burst mode is missing.
Nikon d7000 -2010 The Nikon d7000 is fantastic camera, w ith high dynamic range, excellent high iso performance, two sd card slots, in camera focus motor, flash, interval timer shots, many functions. I like this camera very much.

Between the Nikon d7100 and the Nikon d7000 was three year difference, but now I think it won’t last so long to release the new Nikon d7200.

All of this cameras were a huge success in terms of quality, the only criticism was the limited buffer size.

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